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At Carusele, we do more than hire influencers. We're the only influencer marketing company providing guaranteed results, such as reach, engagement, website clicks, and conversions, to America's best brands and retailers.

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75% of US marketers report "ROI of influencer programs" as a top challenge. Our new ongoing programs allow for better, longer optimization, increasing overall engagements rates, content quality, and efficiency over-time.

Carusele Revlon Influencer Campaign

Content Optimizations

Each piece of influencer created content in a campaign is run through Carusele’s Content Performance Index™ during each phase to optimize performance and guide brand efforts.
Carusele Aquaphor Influencer Campaign

Target Audience Optimizations

With our Engaged Audience Profiles™, we’re able to see attributes of the engaged audience who clicked on tracked links throughout a campaign. Then, throughout each phase, we create
custom Lookalike Audiences who have proven to convert as much as 2x better than traditional targeting methods.
Carusele Haagen Dazs Influencer Campaign

Ad Units & Platform Optimizations

Finally, high-performing content created by influencers is amplified beyond the influencers' organic reach to engage targeted audiences. In this phase, we don't just hit the boost botton, we create ads that allow us to target audiences on multiple channels and optimize ad units daily.