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Influencer Marketing Agency Driving Guaranteed Results

From the industry's most advanced targeting to guaranteed traffic to specific web pages, Carusele is the influencer marketing agency driving real business results for America's best brands and retailers.

The Proven Influencer Agency

Carusele, from the creators of Ignite Social Media, is the complete influencer marketing agency. 

We use a special type of influencer marketing to drive measurable sales results for some of America's best brands and retailers, from foot traffic picking up products in store to measurable website conversions. 

Influencer marketing doesn't have to be "spray and pray." At Carusele, we use handpicked influencers to content scoring, from advanced targeting to perpetual content licensing. Carusele is the influencer marketing agency for people who want results. 

Grab our capabilities deck and find out how Carusele can help you. 

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A Proven Process

Building on over a decade of experience with influencer marketing for major consumer brands, we created an influencer marketing agency that ensures not only quality content, but delivery of that content to your exact audience. With normal influencer marketing, you're never sure who sees your content or what they do with it. We've fixed that.
I'm Jim Tobin, founder of Carusele. I've done nothing but social media marketing for leading brands since 2007. 
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