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White Label Influencer Marketing FAQs

Have questions on how Carusele's White Label Influencer Marketing Services might work for your agency? We've listed the most common questions we get. 

White Label Influencer Marketing: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Carusele software or do you manage the program for us? 
    • Carusele is not a software. We provide a managed service for you, everything from selecting influencers for you based on your brand brief to running the entire program based on your direction. 
  • Will my clients be aware that another team is doing the work? 
    • That's up to you. Our program is designed to be 100% behind-the-scenes, with us drafting emails for your team to send and drafting reports on which you can add your agency branding. Some of our agency clients, however, prefer to introduce us to their clients as their influencer team. We can work either way. 
  • How does the pricing model work? 
    • We'll provide you with a flat fee for the work you request. Want influencers selected? We'll give you a flat fee. Want us to run an entire program. We'll give you a flat fee. You charge your client whatever amount makes sense to you, factoring in your supervision, profit, etc. We don't need to know what you charge. 
  • Do you have experience in the kind of influencer marketing my clients need? 
    • We work on B2C influencer marketing. We don't do B2B influencer marketing, so if it's B2B, the answer is "no" sadly. But we've run more than 150 B2C programs in the last 3 years for a wide array of brands. For B2C programs, chances are we do. We've got case studies for every program we've done that we can share with you. 
  • What sort of budget do my clients need to do an effective influencer program? 
    • It depends, of course. Our full programs of influencer selection, management, content review and boosting of content are generally effective at the $20,000 and up level. However, we can help you select influencers for smaller campaigns for as little as $1,400. Our most common full programs run approximately $50,000. 
  • What kind of mark-up can I reasonably expect to add to Carusele's fees? 
    • Our clients typically add between 20% and 40% to our fees and find they are still quite competitive. 
  • What work does my team need to do during this program? 
    • Assuming we're doing a full program for you, your team will need to do the following steps:
      • You'll need to brief us on the program so we can develop the proposal for you (no cost or obligation).
      • Once you sell the program based on our proposal, you'll need to work with us to get approval for the Execution Strategy, which is a more detailed version of the proposal. 
      • After that, we'll develop the Welcome Packet, which is for the influencer to sign and includes creative direction and requirements. You'll need to review our work and make edits and get client sign off. 
      • Once the program is in place, we'll provide you with weekly updates to send to your clients and, when complete, a complete report for you to share with your clients. We'll even run through it with your team to answer any questions you might anticipate. 
  • How do we convey the insights and questions from your team if they are not talking to the client? 
    • Our weekly emails will provide insights and links to all of that week's content. While written so you can copy and paste to your client, they provide insights to your team too. Similarly, we'll run through the entire Wrap Up Report with your team before you share it with your client. 
  • Are the reports branded with my agency's branding? 
    • Yes, we'll provide them on a blank PowerPoint template so you can add your agency look and feel to it. 
  • Will Carusele contact my clients and try to sell directly to them? 

    • Absolutely not. While we do our own outbound marketing (emails, ads, speaking at conferences) and could end up in discussions with anyone who responds to it, we won't need to even know the names of your clients. Should you provide them to us, we'll put them on a Do Not Contact list. 
  • Do you ensure FTC Compliance of every influencer post? 
    • We do. You'll see our very specific instructions in the Welcome Packet you'll approve. During the campaign, our full-time, in-house team will put eyes on every single piece of content to ensure it complies with the FTC Guidelines and the rest of the Welcome Packet requirements. 
  • Do you work with regulated industries like alcohol, supplements or finance? 
    • Yes, we have experience running campaigns in each of those industries. 
  • Is there any long-term commitment to using Carusele for our influencer programs? 
    • There is not. You can engage us once or twenty times, but you never have to engage us (or pay us) until you have a specific client need. 
  • What if I just need you to do part of the influencer program, like helping me find influencers? 
    • We can absolutely do that. We provide ala carte services such as influencer list building, campaign monitoring, media buying, and reporting/analytics for influencer programs. Feel free to contact us to get a quote. 
  • How long does it take for a program to start once we get client sign-off? 
    • Normally, our programs go live (meaning influencer content starts appearing) 4 weeks after contract signature, assuming normal client turnaround times of 3 days on major steps of the program. In cases where travel is necessary or there's a learning curve/trial period for the product, that would add time. 
  • How long does a typical program last? 
    • Of course, this varies based on budget and strategy, but typically a program (or a single flight within a larger program) lasts 4-6 weeks. 
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Did That Answer Your Questions?

I hope so. I'm Jim Tobin, founder of Carusele. I've run agencies for nearly 20 years so understand what you need to be successful. 
Pick a time to talk that works for you. I'll answer any additional questions you might have and we can discuss specific client needs if you'd like. 
After all, something as serious as considering a white label service provider for your agency should start with a real conversation. Pick a time. 
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