Get the Most From Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

Traditionally, influencer marketing has been a pure awareness play. Unlike many other, more advanced forms of digital marketing, influencer has solely relied on a reach-based model where marketers look to get individuals with large online audiences to talk about them in hopes their content will influence the people who follow them.

While still widely used, this approach to influencer marketing hasn’t changed in more than 10 years...

At Carusele, we believe there’s a better way.

With the power of digital technologies we’re now able to design influencer programs that reach audiences at different stages of the marketing funnel. In fact, when the right approach is leveraged, flights can build on each other, moving consumers all the way from brand introduction to purchase over the course of days, weeks, or months.

Download this white paper today to get enhance your influencer marketing strategy and learn tips for both measuring and optimizing your programs to reach your true objective.

Only Interested in a Specific Objective?

In case you'd rather dive into one specific area of the marketing funnel, feel free to download the respective eBook instead of the full white paper.

VOL I: Upper-Funnel Influencer Marketing

Vol II: Mid-Funnel Influencer Marketing

Vol III: Lower-Funnel Influencer Marketing


About Carusele, A Full Service Influencer Marketing Agency

Traditional influencer marketing is broken. Things like spray and pray tactics, fake followers, opt-in programs, inadequate targeting, vanity metrics, and more, are all contributing to the problem and stifling the ability to measure meaningful results from influencer.

Carusele's approach is better.

Using real-time data, our team optimizes programs daily in an effort to generate the most efficient results. Because of this, Carusele programs are competitive with pay-per-click advertising and drive guaranteed results for clients.